Saturday, November 22, 2008

Love story (1)

I remember, it was late summer…………, some years ago
I was sitting by myself, tired; he walked up to me, asked me something and we got talking.
Now, I faintly remember what our conversation was about, but I knew that that day, my heart had found a new interest! and I could feel the excitement building up.
I found myself looking forward to every opportunity to see him, to seat with, to talk with and to eat with him.
I know I have an adventurous part of me that loves to go on journeys; I guess I just decided to take this trip ‘cos I had no idea how far this was going neither did I know how overwhelmed I was going to be.
I just knew something was happening to me………and I liked it!

Its his voice I hear when people laugh around me,
Its his face I see on every interesting person round and about me
I went to bed with his thoughts lingering on my mind, and would often wake to hear echoes of his voice.
I spent my days planning with passion, and hoped all my plans and me were really his choice.
I cherished his quiet presence, it always made me ache and feel at peace at the same time.

When I want to call him, just looking at the phone and the anticipation of his voice at the other end of the line makes my heart skip beats
When I exclaim, it’s his name my on my lips, when I exhale, I mutter his name

I could travel nine seas and eight mountains just to catch a glimpse of him.
I could stay awake for endless hours, for my ears to feed on his enchanting voice.
I could never say enough with him! talking to him always made my heart flutter.

When my phone rings and the caller ID is his name….my world goes still. Stock still.
When we discuss and agree on an issue … for me, that issue is sealed, Dead sealed.

For me, it didn’t matter what I was doing or where I was, when I hear his voice, everything else just stops!
Our thoughts seemed to intertwine; our ideologies seemed to align, our future seemed to correlate.

We could talk for hours unending, play and taunt our friends together;
We exchanged views, visions, shared victories and enjoyed time together.

In my dreams, I saw a partnership that was effortless; everything was going to be OK.
My longing, my aching, my waiting to make our ballad a permanent reality made me go to God every time and ask…..….God, when would this be? How would it be?
I believed He always said, all was OK, that it was happening, and the wraps were unfolding just for me…
I had labeled him ‘Alaafin’!! the king of the palace of my heart!

And came that day, that night …………..
I knew my life was going to change forever, I thought… I would never be the same!
I knew my dreams were crashing before me, I thought …I had wasted my life!
I knew my years with him were reading ‘fiction’ I thought… I had been stupid!
This love was never going to be, this had always been a charade, all a sham!
I had loved and lost, given and had been denied, I dared to believe and was dammed!

But have I stopped to believe in love, NO! God said to me....He himself is love!
I still believe in panting hearts that beat at the same rhythm,
I still believe in love that lights up a face like a candle even in darkness,
I still enjoy sharing an umbrella ‘together’ in the rain,
I still believe in being speechless……..just in your presence…......
I still love the exchange of meaningless nothings, sweet nonsense and just nothing!
I still believe in kisses that cause the heart to miss beats..and beats...and beats...and beats
I still believe in playing in the sand, running by the beach, cruising on that private yacht,
In crying, laughing, shouting, screaming and being silent all at the same time,
I still believe in growing old together in love, holding those creased, wrinkled and worn hands, looking into and getting lost in those eyes filled with tales of older times
I still hold on to love, to life, to romance, to giving, to sharing, to helping, to sacrificing and I would continue to …..till I go to be with my first love, the one who first loved me, He who loves me most and loves me with an everlasting love!
I loved, I love and I will continue to love!


Enkay said...

Hmmm, this is truly a lovely piece! When you love and lose, there's joy in knowing that at least you loved with all your heart and you discover that you never really lost in the first place!

Beulah! said...

(**deep sigh**) Beautiful...

Anonymous said...

this is mezzmerising!!!!!!!!

samuel odewale said...

wow Engr Funke,this is awesome

deola said...

Believe me, I love this.

Olufunke said...

@ Enkay
Thanks, I'm encouraged by your comment, I'm also is true there is joy in knowing that at least you loved with all your heart?

I also had a very deep sigh when I read the post myself, thanks!

Mesmerised?.....hmmmmm thanks! I also would have been fascinated! spellbound!and flabbergasted, :-)thanks!

Thanks for dropping by my blog, I believe you are doing fine

I am encouraged, .............'thank you'