Friday, April 20, 2012

YEMI's STORY - All things are Possible (1)


As a single lady, I attracted a few good men by our standards - husband materials; financially doing well, good looking, fun to be with, Christians, and what have you, but I could not connect to any of them. So, I continued to refuse advances of suitors even though I was getting older. 
I had my fair share of disappointments and heartbreaks too.

You see, I had decided not to settle, I knew what I wanted: the kind of home and my dream partner (character and maturity was priority for me). I had faith, and beleived God would give me the kind of home I desired. 
I stood in faith until the day I met the man from whose ribs I was taken.
I knew without doubt that this was it, no need to wait further, he proposed and we started courting. 
I thought to, I can exhale. Little did I know that I had more interesting days ahead of me!

Two months into our courtship, I was diagnosed to have fibroids; a growth in the uterus. The position of the fibroid was very dangerous, the doctors said it would obstruct implantation and foetal growth should I consider conception (should I consider conception? God, what kind of English is that? What a question? I so want children!)…and so began my real journey of faith.

I placed the scan results before God and prayed seriously for a supernatural intervention. Contrary to my expectations (I thought the fibroids would just disappear), but God had other plans on how He would answer my prayers. After many prayers, fasting, studying and consultations…I decided to go in for the surgery.
So, I went in for the surgery, and thank God it was successful with none of the setbacks we feared.

My fiancĂ© stood by me all through this time; I realised why it never worked between me and all those wonderful guys. I fully understood God's reasons for making me wait long for this special and gracious guy. 
Unlike other men that would have 'bailed out', he insisted we go ahead with the wedding (despite knowing I had a high probably of not being able to get pregnant). It was a major test for my fiancĂ© then. 

We agreed to go ahead in faith. I got married five months after the surgery. I was 30+.

Four months into our wedding, mother-in-law came to enlighten and lecture us about ovulation period/ best time for coitus/ and the likes. It was nicely done for a professional which she is and to the best of her ability, in love. That lecture left me thinking though, because the marriage was still too young as far as I was concerned. 

After some months without signs of conception, I knew I was on another journey of faith.
I should mention I was raised up a Christain, I was taught to pray way ahead about my future. 
I grew up so sure that God had my future together. During this time of waiting to conceive I remembered one of the bible verses I used to know Heb.10:24 “Let us hold fast to the profession of our faith without wavering for faithful is he who has promised” 
I held on to that..kept on believing that I would be a mother despite my medical record…somehow, someday.

My husband got his own share of pressure from people, asking funny questions about my tummy (the surgery left scars). People kept on pressuring us to go with them to all sorts of places for prayers, but we declined because we also remembered Isaiah 30:15.."In quietness and confidence is your returning and rest is your salvation.
One day, Sister - in-law too came and asked "why are you not pregnant", as taken aback and shaken as I was, I was able to reply her  that “I am not pregnant because the time to be pregnant is not now; when the time comes all eyes shall see”

All these went on for almost 2 years, and then God showed up for me! I conceived!
Even then the doctors were not sure if it was foetal growth or another growth. The pregnancy was threatened...there were a lot of difficulties, but we were blessed with a lovely baby girl in our 3rd year of marriage!

I share this to encourage someone. I don't know who will read this, but God will multiply these testimonies in the lives of the readers


You might feel Yemi's story does not qualify her as someone who 'waaaaaiiiteeeeeeed' to have a child, seeing she didn’t have to wait for 8, 10 or 12 long years.
I share her story because she had to overcome a major obstacle on her way to motherhood; a medical condition, but she pressed through in faith. 
She believed it was still possible for her to be a mother despite the negative doctor's report…and a mother she became! 

She reminds me of Hezekiah, who knew how to take anything unpleasant to God immediately! He knew how to negotiate and parley with God.

Yemi's faith challenges me, she has words of faith in every situation, her faith is contagious. She has faith quotes/scriptures on her bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom doors!

Despite all this her faith, she's had to struggle too: I have seen her live through the death of both parents within a few weeks' interval, being laid off a job, living from hand to mouth, struggling to find her feet in the world of entrepreneurship, to owning the business of her dreams.

I hope to share later on this blog her walk to owning her own business.

Whatever you are waiting for, can you try to hold on! All things are possible to him that believes!

Thank God for men like Yemi's husband who are faithful lovers, who stick around, and walk with you in trying times. Friends who are there in the good and the bad times.

This is praying for all the mothers to be...that we would see our babies, we would rock them with our hands, and nurse them at our bosoms!

Next, is TA's journey of faith to a full recovery and walking again after a devastating car crash.

I still welcome real life stories of people that you feel would encourage us all here

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I've had this post on my mind for about a year, took me a long time to decide on what best to title it,and how to put it all together.

I know we come from diverse backgrounds, I'm aware that our convictions, experiences and life philosophies differs too, but one thing common to us all is that we want a good life;
we all dream of good things, and at sometimes those good things we want seem to elude us.

Some of us have had to wait  long, search painfully, consult far and wide, some had to struggle, fight, pray, fast, cry, study, seek solutions, endure a lot and pay so much to get those things that we believe would make us happy.
Some of us have had to deal with people's insensitivity; with those who think they know just how we feel, or the ones who judge us or just preach at us to 'have more faith'...etc

In the course of our pursuit of happiness, we're forced to come face to face with our personal convictions about *faith , no matter our religious stance.

I'll like to do a series on *Faith, doubt, fear, facing reality, living by facts, standing on the fence etc.
I've been at these different points in my life, I've observed different people...(and I'm still learning, inquiring and observing ), and I have concluded that we only win on the side of faith.

I'm going to be sharing true life stories of people I know; their walk of faith, my inspirations and the reasons that made me conclude that ''All things are possible"

I welcome your stories too or that of people you know, send me an email here. I really hope we would find in these series people's stories that we can relate to and that these stories would inspire us all.

 ...with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible..Math 19:26

...If you can? said Jesus. "Everything is possible for one who believes" ...Mark 9:23

...It's not H-A-P-P-Y-N-E-S-S Happiness is spelled with an "I" instead of a "Y"
You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period...Christopher Gardner(Puruit of hapiness)

Please come with me on *Yemi's journey of faith towards becoming a mother. (To be continued)


* Yemi - I call her Yemooski, is my friend, we went to Uni together, did out NYSC in the same state, we're family friends till date.

* Faith: Here I mean, being positive, enthusiastic and sure about getting the things we want

Friday, February 17, 2012


It’s my birthday again, its 17th February!!!! Yeeeeeepeeeeee!

I’m so glad I’m here

It’s been an eventful last year…

I’m thankful! Grateful!

Full of thanks for all of the last 365 days,

For all those days of mad fun and excitement,

For all those scary nights; those not too good days,

For all those times filled with love and peace,

For all those journeys and favour,

For all those people that were there for me,

For all those that disappointed and betrayed me; who helped me grow and learn,

For all the protection and divine providence I enjoyed,

For all those days at work,

For all the strength, good health and miracles,

For all my friends and families,

For God’s mercies that I enjoyed more than anyone else,

For all these and many more,

I am so so so so thankful!

I dream of the next best year of my life;

I dream of meeting those people I long and need to meet,

I dream of getting to that place, those ‘places’,

I dream of seeing that blessing,

I dream of being that blessing,

I dream of owning those beautiful things,

I dream of being able to empower…being able to add to, and enrich,

I dream of more health, more wealth, more grace and more beauty,

I dream of being able to dream more, and achieve more,

I dream of becoming that woman…God has called me to be,

For dreams not yet realized…I look to Him…

To Him who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than all I could ever ask for or imagine.

I look to you………

And to you, Its Olufunke checking in again

Thank you Lord!