Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Year!

I am a year older today!
I am a year wiser too (I hope)......
I am thankful to God.
I am hopeful.
I am expectant...and
I am very, very, very, very, very glad to be alive!

( This past year I have known the death of many promising, strong and good people ( that in my own opinion did not deserve to die, at least, not yet!) more than before)

I think this is just going to be a thankful birthday!
I think I should just take is eazzey.......and party......
I think I should sit, count my blessings one after the other
I think I should thank God for all the people I have been blessed with.
I think I should celebrate love…….and life.
I think I should beat the drums for the joys, the victories, and blissful moments of the past year, I think I should just not dwell so much on the disappointments, the losses, and the failures of the year past.

In the past year..........................
I have seen the mighty fall, and the weapon of war taken away from them,
I have seen money fail so many people,
I have also been reminded that no man in infallible, that the best of men is still just a man,
I have also seen that not everyone that calls himself your friend really is one sincerely,
I have learnt to walk with the wise and seek wisdom
I have received so much mercy, seen the favour, and preferential treatment of God,
I have seen that God has a way of showing up especially when we have given up and lost hope

In the past year, I came to this realization....

There is only one thing that we can all be sure of - NOTHING! (No position, status, income, people....) except God.

I need you to look less at the disheartening things that seem to abound, you just might find a silver lining……..
I need you to look out for people who celebrate you, and who would bring out the best in you, you know you deserve more……
I need you to be more thankful, God never ignores a thankful heart, He also never forgets, and you will never be the same when you adopt a thankful lifestyle……
I need you to laugh more, dance more, and invest more in things that make you really really happy……….
I need you to keep it simple, to have child-like faith again. There is truly beauty in simplicity.
I need you to be all you can be, dream big and reach for the highest height.

I need to remind myself more importantly to never forget to apply to my life ALL I have written above.

And finally, I need you to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY!