Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's Tuesday, and I am thankful! I decided some days ago that I should learn to say more thank yous to God, less requests, less complaints, less ranting etc

(I started writing this post with just like 3 things I wanted to be thankful for....My list started to get longer and longer, is true that ‘count your many blessings, name them 1 by 1 ….it would surprise you what the lord has done, I actually have 10!)

Ok, so here go my Ten Things Tuesday!

1) I was involved in a very serious car accident some weeks ago, for like an hour, I thought the other party involved in the accident was dead, and for 30mins, it seemed my world stood-still, it was like I was a character in some feature film, I could not believe what was happening was reality. I was almost mobbed that day, but for the intervention of some police men passing by, my car was seriously damaged, the police impounded my car, I was in an hospital, the police station, another police station for hours that day and I was due to travel that same night! I am thankful to God, that I came out of the accident whole, the other party in the accident got around very well, I got my car from the police that same day, and I got to the airport early enough that evening to catch my flight, God showed up for me!....and on time too!

2) I am thankful for my mind,. …you may be wondering, your mind? Yes o…we know a lot of disheartening things happen around all us, and for me, I tend to think about issues a little too much. Thoughts of a suffering child I see on a street could stay with me for days. I find myself over burdened with other people’s plights, other ‘s reasoning, attitudes, decisions, injustice in our worlds, man’s inhumanity to the fellow man etc, I’ve also known what it is to perpetually live with FEAR, ( fear not of things imagined, but of terrors that stare you right in the face!). I’ve had to fight for my faith, I’ve questioned my own convictions, doubted my doctrines & fought my theology. When I ponder on this issues so much, I sometimes feel like I’m gonna loose my mind. Some days, I rant like I did here, but most of the times, I internalize these thoughts and feelings.

And I know that If there is anywhere the devil likes to win his battles, its in our minds! It amazes me today that, despite all I have to contend with ….I am just myself, whole, together, better and sound minded, see this scripture just came to mind now.….He has not given us the spirit of fear, but the spirit of LOVE, POWER and a SOUND MIND! God has helped me put it all together…..I like Col 1:17(NIV) In Him, ALL things hold together

3) I just changed jobs, my new job is not my idea of a dream job though…..but I got this job in a season where people are loosing their jobs, most companies are not recruiting at the moment and new jobs are hard to come by. You need to know I got this offer on a platter of gold (just a phone call, no dreaded interviews, no drills) plus my former employer still wants me to stay, in fact I have been privileged .Its not me, its God ALWAYS working ALL things out for our good!

4) I am thankful for friends, someone might say ‘no big deal!’ but I’ve noticed a lot of people do not have friends (I don’t mean acquaintances that you say hi to on the street or your colleagues in school/work) I mean people that share your life with you; they share your pains, they relish with you every sweet moment, celebrate every victory with you, the give, they sacrifice, they stand by and show up for you! I am thankful that when I something or a favour, there is someone I can call (not that I do not know that my sufficiency is in God, or that no man is infallible, I have also known the betrayal & neglect of friends too), but it’s a special blessing to always have a hand to hold on to, and a shoulder to cry on. I am thankful for my friends!

5) I am thankful for 'hope'. I don’t know if life is worth living at all without hope....God has given us this remarkable ability to hope! I am thankful that every morning I wake up, there is always something to look forward to, something special to hope for , a dream to achieve, a milestone to hit, a target to meet, a job to be done, a road to cross etc, ..........

6) I am thankful for my health, I used to be known for being ‘weak’, but that is changing very faaaaaaaaast! Now, I am strong, I can do ALL that I choose to do, I even push and over push my body sometimes, I have been on the other side of ‘strength, I know what it is to be weak, not to have any desire to achieve or do anything in this world, ‘cos you just know you are not up to it, and probably wont be around for long. So, I do not take for granted the fact that I can jump up any time, go anywhere, dance all I can, shout all I want drive all I could, sleep and eat all I can, God been ‘health and life’ for me

7) I thank God for protection, I am learning to always remember that God is with me, everywhere I go! He watches over me,

8)I am thankful for my family, I used to take for granted the fact that my family members are safe everywhere and every time, you can imagine how your altogether, well planned good life changes if something terrible happens to a member of your family....all busy schedules suddenly comes to an halt, savings dip, you loose your peace of mind and so many other terrible things better imagined.

9) I am thankful for my country Nigeria, I just think somewhere deep down my heart ( even though my mind disagrees with me) that Nigeria would be a better place. I am grateful though for the fact that I can go to church, pray anywhere and preach if I want to without fear of being persecuted. Can I say I am proudly Nigerian? This is thankfulness in faith, because so many things happen around that makes one wonder if our generation would really see a better Nigeria. Anyway, God bless Nigeria.

10) I am thankful for blogville, I know this has been over sung. The undeniable truth is that I have become a better person since I started to blog. I have been blessed by you, yes, you all, you read my blogs, you make those comments, you send me those mails, some of you call me, and you post those wonderful things ...that challenge me to be a better person, that entertains me or just makes me relax. I am just awed!.....I have and I am still making some special friends in blogville even from very far ends of the earth. I am glad I did not stop blogging.

What are you thankful for?