Thursday, September 2, 2010

You Really Can Do It! (Discoveries Path 1)

You've got this project, and you're so convinced it’s the right thing to do now….but then, the challenge of 'knowing' how to get it done stares you hard in the face , or maybe its the overwhelming effect of the volume of work that needs to be done, you're de-moralized and cannot help feeling 'helpless' sometimes.

You're filled with visions of that dream, your dreams are so real to you, but right now, you're at a loss on how you would accomplish it and even doubtful if these dreams would ever become realities.

You've been given the task, that opportunity…….but you're clueless as how to proceed, and you cannot guarantee that you'd be successful at it, so.... fear becomes a constant companion.

You are at a crossroad, your destination is so clear to you…..but what direction would you take to ensure you arrive at the right place and in good time too?

You've got plans of where you want to be later this year, next year, in the coming years... but you are doubtful, and confused, and no longer sure of anything, except that you're sure that at the rate you're going, those plans would never materialize

You know what you should do, but you are just not sure of how to do it!

I could go on and on and on………. Oh! the contemplations of the human mind!
We often find ourselves in the different scenarios above.
In as much as I believe I can do a lot of things, the analytical/pragmatic part of me never lets me escape noticing the scary, intimidating realities of my in-capabilities, or/and the challenges, obstacles and odds against me, and most often than not I loose faith and doubt if I could/would ever get things done!.....but the truth is that we really can do anything!!!

While reading the book of genesis some years ago, I discovered this.......Let me call it Noah's task

The world no longer pleased its creator. God was going to put an end to everything and everyone, He planned to wipe them all away by flooding the earth, but Noah found favour with God.
Noah would build an ark (a ship sort of) where himself and family would be kept safe from the impending flood. Noah and his household would be spared……but not just them! (Gen 6:1-22)
God gave Noah the herculean task of taking in (to the ark) with him EVERY living creature on earth, BOTH sexes of ALL specie of animals………..ooops!

I have read this part of the bible many times since I was a child, for the first time in my life…..while reading this passage, some questions popped up on my mind;
• How would Noah know ALL species of EVERY living thing?
• Even if he knew them all (very lofty dream!), would he be sure he got them all?
• Even if he got them all, would he be sure he got BOTH sexes of ALL?

But I did not wonder for too long, as I read that chapter through to verse 20

“20 Two of every kind of bird, of every kind of animal and of every kind of creature that moves along the ground will come to you to be kept alive”

Whao!!!! I could not believe my discovery, Noah did not have to kill himself on how to be sure he got ALL the species in this world!
God always knows the way, He's got a support system, an enabling condition, an execution plan, He would watch to see that you succeed at that task!

I was like Olufunke..... see God is El-shaddi, ( the ALL sufficient)
He is proactive, He knows our needs before we do! He sees ahead of us, knows the obstacles we’ll face, the temptations that’ll come our way, and he prepares us ahead and prepares ways/things/and even people ahead FOR us!
Are you saddled with a task/project/dream/vision? and you are wondering how you would meet up or make it…..God is able and willing to help you and see it to a successful completion. (2 Cor 9:8, Philp 3:9)

I could not agree more with the thought that “If God has brought you to it, He WILL bring you through it” believe me! Trust God!