Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Its been a long while I was here...
I actually planned to only post a song that's on my mind right now....thinking of all that's been happening lately...

Its been the most craziest, strangest weeks of my entire life!

I'm learning to depend solely on God,
I have learnt to be strong,
I have learnt anybody can do anything to matter who you think they are to you.
I have learnt what it means to 'live by faith' only by faith!
....learning that part that .."Heb 11"

I have learnt to stare my fears in the face and just keep on walking,
I have learnt I can do all things, even in my weakness ( and have I been amazed at myself?)
I 'm learning this, learning that....
I'm still learning...

The song?...not there again. LOL