Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's my birthday.........Its a Tuesday!

Its Tuesday, it’s my birthday today..….and here is my Ten Things Tuesday special.......

I am thankful for:-
1) His Love: I thank God because He loves me, sounds like a cliché right?…the reality of the kind of love God has for me just hit me recently; now I understand NOTHING would stop or reduce His love! Nothing, not even my weaknesses, not death, not life, not the devil, not angels, not my unseriousness, not my failures..... NOTHING, He loves me beyond understanding…….I am eternally grateful. God lavishes His love on me!

2) My Body: I‘ve had serious issues with my health, a lot of people do not know 'cos I don’t look it.
I was practically sick all through my days in the university; to the extent the nurses knew my hospital card number by heart. I always carried my drugs in my bag. I struggled everyday.
I despaired, prayed, cried, fasted, studied, gone for endless tests, x-rays, scans, mammography etc Doctors experimented with me. ( and I no be Sickler o)

I remember at a time I stopped making plans for my future; I was so sure I would pass away soon. I thank God for this inner strength, faith and determination He gave me then, no matter how sick I felt I was able to do almost anything I wanted to do!

But Now......for the past years, I have been strong! I have not been admitted in an hospital for years! I even avoid taking drugs now, I avoid ordinary Paracetamol………….just writing about all I went through …....brings tears to my eyes……my fears, my helplessness....it was very bad............... I would continue to testify about it even on my 60th, 80th and 100th birthday anniversary( If Christ tarries). God gave me a new lease of life!!

3) My future, the process………I’m writing this by faith, God is helping me, unwrapping somethings, I'm learning to walk with God by faith and not by sight, as I write I am not sure of the outcome of some things, but I am thanking in advance for my future. I'm going to have and experience all that Christ died for me for. No more religion; having the form but no power. No more stories, but realities. I cherish and really appreciate this process. God is adding beauty to me!

4) His Mercy: boy…..I’ve really messed up in my short life, I have made a lot of wrong choices and decisions. You might not believe me, but I think I am one the greatest recipients of God’s mercies……… you know that saying that ‘to whom much is given, much is expected’ ? Me? I keep falling short, but God? he keeps forgiving, keeps believing in me, keeps cheering me on.

5) The Fire: Remember I wrote about loosing our house to fire here, I almost lost all I managed to re-own to another fire incident some days ago…….they said it was something that had to do with some gas leakage...bla bla bla, the gas exploded, the whole house was almost in flames. I was not in the house, but neighbors were able to put out the fire on time, and thank God no life was lost……….me I know Baba interfered!

6) The Depression: oh yea………I was there, it was about 3 years ago....it actually started before then. Mostof theplans I made for my future failed, I saw my dreams crashing before me, I lost a lot, that was the season that almost everything I feared most in life happened to me.

I tried to pretend to everyone I was fine, I talked less about it, I worried so much, I internalized all these pains. I discovered one day I started to loose it............I was on the verge of depression. I had a new job, I went on vacation to interesting places, went to the hospital, prayed, indulged my self, I tried all I could, but it was not working, I was sinking more and more into depression day by day.

Looking back today………I still don’t know how I came out of that condition, but I got over it………..God carried me through that season!

7) My Trips: I’m thankful for protection, in the last 3 years of my life, I travelled a lot, moved about a lot, I can leave one destination for another place at any time without thinking (even in strange lands). I have come out of car crashes unhurt, I have been robbed at gun point, I have flown in aircraft that were in terrible conditions, flown at very bad weather conditions. I have gone to site locations at very dangerous places and times, I can go on and on, I know I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death. ……….God kept me!

8) The Job: ….I remember this with a lot of mixed feelings … those days! o those days! when I was jobless. Yours truly prayed, fasted, cried, schemed, but the jobs were just not forth coming.
At a time, I was ready to take or do anything.

I remember always 'doing serious prayers' to God to provide money just to make my hair, I 'enjoyed' strolling when there was not enough money for transport fare,
I depended on people….and put up with all sorts of harassments. but like the Isrealites in the wilderness, whose clothes and shoes did not wear out for 40 years, He took care of me.

A lot of people are loosing jobs in their thousands now, I do not take mine for granted, its not yet my dream job, but it can conveniently pay all my bills and afford to do anything I want to, plus I have gained a lot of experience………..God settled me!

9) The family: they are my cheerleaders, my own support group, my allies, we have our own issues too, but they would do almost anything for me. We have been through a lot; no food, no money, no house etc, but we are survivors. God blessed me with people, I can depend on.

10) and to Blog Ville, I really have become a better person, a more focused person, I have read things on people’s blog that has made me to go pray about my life, make some good decisions or given me food for thought. ……….oh God…its been wonderful,
Love you all……Muah!! God has made me a companion of the wise!

I want to go on and on, to thank God for my sweet and faithful friends, my dreams, for this place, this time, for the lots I have learnt, my love life, my walk with God; peace, joy, answered prayers, my opportunities, my pains etc……….
but I want to stick to the rhyme…..TTTT……Ten Things Thankful Tuesday! I’ll stick to 10
I’ll be back soon………need to go get ready to send you all your share of the cake!

I know you need to say it...........Ok…let me help you all say…...Olufunke, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!