Friday, November 7, 2008

and 'OUR' Obama won!!

............. and Barrack Obama won!
I really wanted to post something else today.....but I cant!
I thought of ignoring all the excitement, disscusions, euphoria &celebrations of Obama's win....I cant!
I wish I can pretend I am not infected with the Obamamania........I cant
so, I decided to help my self with some dose of Obama's positivity.... Yes! we can! Yes , we can! Yes can!

so....I am also commenting on the win! and......... yes! I can!
When I started to watch the drama series '24', (24 is an award-winning American action drama television series. Broadcast by Fox Network in the USA) and the way senator David Palmer (played by Dennis Heysbert), the democratic presidential candidate suprisingly won the elections, against all odds and became America's first black president, I kept telling myself that America would soon see a black man as president, even though I didnt know Obama then (though I must confess here, Obama was not my choice candidate initially) and in all the series that has been aired till date, President Palmer has been the best leader American has had...
and now I can see that the 7th season that woudl be aired, would feature the first female president (and she is white!.............I am not suggesting anything o)

A lot of people have been writing, and sayign a lot, all night parties, rallies, speeches, artists relasing new songs for Obama, I learnt kenya govetment declared a work free day to celebrate, and trust Nigerians....Naija no dey carry last! everybody is now Obama's friend and brother, saying they knew he would win and I have gotten a lot of mails and SMSs from people 'attaching' to Obama, now they know thier father's first cousin's wife brohter is a step brother to Obama, this is an exmapleof an SMS I got yesterday:

" Swearing- in party for our son at 'our' family house in Washigton
Aso oke + Ankara = $6,500
Fila (cap) only = $2500

( no credit sales)

Olufunmi Obama for the family"

while I am enjoying the whole drama......all over the world, there are 2 major things I have learnt from all of this:

- I totally agree with the saying that if you can conceive something, you really can achieve it, All things are possible ( interestingly that has been the sermon in my church for the past 3 weeks that.....with God, ALL things are possible).
my faith is rekindled, my hopes are renewed..........I'm working on my faith walk.

- When its your time, everything, would work for your good , the present econmic crises, some of Obama's competitors errors (I am not taking away the credit from Obama, he is really a great person, I respect him) and American's displeasure ( I should say depression) with the present admisinistration/the Republicans found them looking for anyone that could promise them change and give them something different to look forward to.

Although there are some skepticisms here and there; if his presidency would really make any difference, some are wondering about his foreign policy experience, etc.
I choose to look at the bright side and be hopeful and we congratulate 'our brother' president Obama.
Nice weekend!

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