Friday, October 31, 2008



I actually have a lot on my mind, trying to decide which one to talk about now and which one to leave for later. I have not-yet-finished posts; I just have not been able to brush them up for post.

I’m just wondering, I have so much to do……and my mood for some days has been I just DON’T do!
I remember like Paul ………..the good I intend to do…….I don’t do it, even though mine is not

I have some things on my table that I know I should clear, I’ve been looking at them for God knows how long, but I just would not do it

I need some information I would be asked for next week…….I just wont go and look for it

Someone (who has been taking advantage of me, thinking I’m stupid) just left my seat now…I feel like screaming his head off, ‘giving him a piece of my mind’ but ……………..I just wont do it.
I should really read, edit and polish this before posting…..I don’t feel like doing that

I’m sure it doesn’t happen to just me (then I need help!)

Meanwhile beautiful weekend
Advice anyone?

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Elos said...

Waiting for them.