Thursday, October 23, 2008

My 'own' Blog

I am a bit excited at the thought that I can publish my ownnnnnnnnnnnnn thoughts!, someone might ask 'who cares about what you think' ?but at least I am happy you are reading this, and it will be good to know your thoughts too! someday! and on my blog hopefully!

I am a fan of some people's blogs, and I have been inspired to own one, I hope to have a personalized website soon,!
I think about things around me a lot, the essence of life, the real meaning of life, why this happens? why does that not happen? what is the most import thing here on earth, heaven? what choices guarantee you what in life? what is fairness? etc the list goes on.....................

Well, while I welcome myself to my blog, I also welcome you too, I sincerely hope this blog would be very interesting, we all will ALWAYS find the time spent on this blog rewarding and there would always be somethign to look forward to everytime.

Seat belts fastened? lets hit the road....................................

Catch ya,



tobenna said...

YES you can!
A very belated welcome indeed, but fair nevertheless!
Great to have you up in here.
Still looking through :)

Olufunke said...

@ TObenna:
Belated or not, I appreciate your comments and encouragements.

and YES !!!! I can!