Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Faith --- what is it really?

Its been some days since I posted something here, well.....I can say work pressure, but truth is that, it takes me some time to put my thoughts together in writing.

Recently, I've been having some real soul-searching, heart-checking, mind-boggling discussions with my friend at work on what it really is to have faith in God.
We have worked throuhg situations in life, when we have believed GOd for things, really 'faithed' 'fasted' it as we've been taught and the situations still do not turn out as we prayed for( on some occasions, its even tragedies that breaks our hearts). One starts to wonder , are things still left to chance for the christain?, does God just want us to have faith for 'going to heaven '? or is it that we didnt do as much as we ought to have done? or we didnt 'faith' it enough?
What guarantees do you have in life as a christain?

I have my own thoughts on this, ( I still have lots of questions though) I hope to post them soon.

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