Tuesday, January 6, 2009

'ELEMENT" wahala!!

For those that reside in Lagos , its no longer news that a new law has been enforced; ‘Okada riders’ (commercial motorcyclists) must wear ‘crash helmets’ and also have a spare one available for their passengers to wear too. since the beginning of this year, the law enforcement agencies have swooped on those not obeying this law.

I've heard people call the crash helmets so many names; some call it element’, head wear’, 'bike helmet' etc, but I think I like the element one

I had fun with my friends all through yesterday about different types of head helmets;…people were donning all sorts ‘hard hats’ used by construction site workers, some people had on the ones bikers use for racing, some had these old soldiers metal war helmet , some had shapes of bowls…infact all sort of head gears……and its more fun to see the passengers too…’passenger and driver’ in head gears cruising ……you get the feeling its some scene from ‘ocean 11’ or a Jackie Chan movie.
Check out the babes on ‘okada’….it was a site to behold…….with different hairdos ….tucked under different shapes of head gears in the name of ‘element’.

Since the enforcement of this ‘element’ law, there has been a lot of reservations about its use, mostly its been hygiene issues, who wants to catch 'lice' or skin disease?
I've even heard intriguing stories of fears that the 'okada' drivers could put ‘juju’ in the 'element 'and an unsuspecting passenger might just disappear to be used for a ritual later.

You need to see people wrapping up their head with different materials before wearing the 'element', to prevent them from contacting anything bad from these 'head elements'

I know if people had choices, they would avoid riding on 'okada' …. When I heard about the law…….I said to myself 'that this is it.... I would stop riding on okada'….but then we know how 'okadas' could be life savers in Lagos especially in the terrible traffic on the islands in the afternoons.

I heard some of my colleagues say they would go and shop for their own personal ‘element’ and put in their boots for those who have cars!
So I guess for those who do not own cars, we’ll start seeing …..people carrying sacks containing their 'element' to ride okada, or ladies hiding their 'element' in their big handbags!

While I know the crash helmet wearing is for our safety, (I really believe in safety measures), I've been telling people that ‘I am sorry o…….me I no fit wear 'element' o’ my reason has been that ‘It’s not hygienic’, how can I put on my head the same helmet every Tom, Dick and Harry has worn?

My kind of job requires us to go to site sometimes, and your head protection is a must, even at that we always had our own personal 'head element’!

Anyway, on my way to church yesterday I needed to ride on a commercial motorcycle, the 'Okada' driver I stopped to take me asked If I was going to wear the ‘element’ I said NO, but I agreed to hold it, if we had to pass through any police check point (so they would not arrest the guy).
On our way….we sighted some police men far off, na so yours truly quickly ‘denge' the helmet for head with one hand, but when we got to the police men, one of them shouted 'wear it very well o!' 'put it on your head properly'…I had to let the element ‘touch’ my head,……..oh my God!

I had a good laugh at myself, with all my mouth that ‘I’m sorry o', 'I CANNOT wear element'………..'lai lai that is not possible', 'they can't be serious', 'its dirty!! etc. I had an 'element' on my head!
I was hoping no one would take my picture and tag me on face book......I laughed and laughed and laughed at myself.
So much for 'element' wahala…………….


aloted said...

hehehehehehe...this post is so funny but i totally feel u...shu u dunno wat tom dick or harry dey carry for head...lol

pele o...pls go and buy ur own element oooooooo

Writefreak said...

Very very funny, i can picture okada riders and their passengers in lagos...oh especially when they stop at a traffic light and they all want to move at once...lol

You have to ovey the law though, so go buy your own element o...lol

Enkay said...

hahahahaha! This is so funny! Na God catch u yesterday bcos if I had seen u on that Okada with the 'element' on your head, the whole world would see it a few minutes later on i-report!

I am definitely going 'element' shopping this weekend. Even if I have to carry it around like a hand bag!

hehehehe...I'm still laughing!

And see the guy in the picture with a paint bucket on his head! Wonders shall never end!

ShonaVixen said...

LOL...Now I would have loved to see you donning 'element'...who knows it could soon be stylish to be wearing certain 'element'...hmmm maybe a new job for 'element designers'...

yankeenaijababe said...

lovely blog. I can't stop laughing. I just added you to my bloglist. Wait a minute, tell me I did not just see a bucket on that guy's head driving the okada in the first posted picture. I can't help myself. Hope you having a great 2009 already.later

Beulah! said...

Hehehehehe....very funny!!!...Pele oh, me sef, na element i dey go buy dis weekend oh! becos i no fit risk am...

Olufunke said...

@ Aloted ...Thanks o, how I for do? One does not know Tom, Dick, Harry address ,
I will work on getting my own 'element'

@Writefreak....I laughed at my self so much...I was looking for people to laugh with me.
I will try to be law abiding...and get my 'element'
Thanks for stopping by

@ Enkays....God will not let my enemies have the last laugh!! Thou shalt not see any of my 'element picture'

As for that guy in the picture...we gat to improvise...wetin the man go do? shey the law says wear somthing for head.
Many thanks!

If you see me donning an 'element' promise you wont post it on the net :-)
and who knows people can come up with ideas of desinging elements
I was actually telling my friend that soemone shoudl come up witha design for a collapsable 'element' so we could keep in our bags or wallets.

Thanks for stopping by

@ Yankeenaijababe

I just read the post again myself, I could not help but laugh, I still had a good luagh this morning on my way to the office...you need to see the differnt 'elements' ..trust Nigerians now
Thanks for stopping by, and I've been to your blog too


My sister...hurry up to get your own 'element' o, I learnt the prices are not only skyrocketing...they are 'heaven-jetting'
The rate they are going, I need to opening an 'element' design company and before you know it..I am on my way to the stock market

Thanks for your usuals, wishing you a beautigul 2009, may God grant you your heart desires

tobenna said...

Thats a good one.
I have seen a lot of women holding their element with one hand above their head. Doesnt seem to make much sense.
My take on this is that, considering the ammount of chemicals on ladies hair, whatever bacteria/virus should perish on the spot upon contact.

Danny Bagucci said...

WOW.. Have to applaud the dude using a bucket as an "element". Now that "world-class" innovation.. Only that the bucket is not impact tested or rated for the kind of service it is being put thru.

I'm sure its something that people will get used to eventually.. Its been done for quite some time in Calabar.... First time here and thanks for stopping by....

Olufunke said...

@ Tobenna

Many thanks
To confirm your suggestion, I think we would need to get some ladies to a lab, scrape some chemicals from their hair, and see how fast they would fry all 'germs and bacteria'....then we would know what to do for the 'element' issue

but what is the solution for the 'juju' scare?

and u need to see some ladies that jsut put the 'element' on thier head gears.
Thanks for stopping by

@ Danny bagucci

Engineer, Thanks for stopping by,

and I agree with you, people will get used to the 'crash element' thing very soon.

@ Not sure who now........I deleted a comment here just now, I am so sorry...and I have been trying to retreive it, can I ask the person to re-post? Thanks!

Tisha said...


Bussee said...

Nice post. Kinda love the part where u had to let a thousand other heads touch your head by wearing the helmet. I hope somebody else's head would contact some grace and ingenuity as a result of your having worn that helmet.
Needless to say, i think it's hi time we did things properly in Nigeria, so helmets may not be a bad idea if enforced properly. I have to go and buy a skull-cap or something for when i'll have the opportunity to where one of those "elements".

thanks for putting my blog on your blogroll.


doll said...

if they catch u holding it instead of weaing it....u will pay 4k o!....i guess u can go d way of oda women...wearing showercap, kangol cap or a scarf before wearing the element...LOL...

Dammy said...

Lol @ the rider in the first pix. I guess that is the real "Element"

Thank God no one caught me wearing one about five days ago after all the noise I made.

I think it's a welcome development for the riders but I don't think it's feasible for the passengers.

Happy New Year.

Olufunke said...

Thanks.....your blog no longer viewable?

I didnt even htink of the +ve part of letting other 1000 people's head touch mine, ...thanks for that inspiration...I pray People would contact great grace and inspiration from me too!

Mnay thanks, I am still working on a solution...it might be skull cap, shower cap or 'head cap'
I no fit dash them 4K o!

If I see you donning the 'element' I will post ir fassssssssssssst.
I really think the 'element' wearing is good for our safety, we just need to adjust to change ( tell me to preach to myself too o)

Christy said...

hey, so cool to see you blog. Now I know where I can find updates at home and be informed in a real interesting way.

Keep it up and hope you now have your helmet!