Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This is my 'not-too-proud-of' attempt at poetry, D inspired this

It was in the 19th century…
We lived...occupying where Orisa had located us
We were each other’s ‘keeper’,
We enjoyed sitting out at twilight... sharing folklores after each day’s activities
We were totally oblivious of ‘our’ soon to be discoveries
We seemed to be content with just the echoes from a very distant civilization
We did not know who we really were, neither did we have a know of how we looked,
We had but only faint ideas of our image from the reflections at the stream
We also knew our shadows at sunset.

And then came those shiny flat plates, those ‘reflecting’ metals….those mirrors!
The white man had brought us knowledge, given us mental power and opened our eyes!

We were filled with awe; we thought ourselves so lucky

We were fortunate to have met these representatives of the gods
We were intrigued by the feedback from these shinning plates
We now saw ‘us’ we could see who we really were…….
We know our alternate person, the one ‘Orisa’ made, we knew us!

It’s the 21st century, we are still living…..occupying the same territories
We actually can afford as many mirrors as we like now
We are actually inundated with technology features, with more visuals than our eyes can possibly cope with in a life time.
We've been fed from childhood with our pictures
We can so change what we see in the mirror if we are not too pleased with it,

Oh! Thanks to the white man again……we have been blessed, they keep on improving us.
Now I know the shape of my face, I can see the extent of my flattened nose
Now I recognize whose set of ‘horrible’ set of teeth I was bequeathed with
Now I am so sure of what my lips would look like if I slap those colours on.
Now the images of me I see in the mirror are etched in a ‘safe’ part of my memory

More than that…….I am living, still existing.
I’ve been pondering……I want more out of life.
I’ve been thinking….Have I really seen who I am?
Is there a mirror to reflect the deep things that lie latent within me?
I’ve been wondering….Can I get a mirror where I can see ‘me’ in years to come?

My heart,……. what plate can actually relay the many thoughts that race therein?
My passions……what surface can suitably outline them?
My vision……..which metal could sharpen my blurred vision/focus?
My future…..which mirror could reflect me…within and without?

Myself………I’m searching, looking, longing…

I am not sure of how I would get there
I just know my best days are ahead!!!!!


Myne Whitman said...

You should be very proud of this indeed. me likey, and you raised serious questions too.

el dhjax said...

Not bad.... serious sturves... *claps*

yankeenaijababe said...

I miss you dearie, how you de? Thanks for checking on ME.

Vera Ezimora said...

Not proud, ke? Maka why? You've done a very fine job, my sister!

Anoda Phase said...

Weldone Olufunke, weldone...

Where have you been btw?

Uzezi said...

deep indeed. questions we all need to ask ourselves and answer.