Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2 truths, 1 lie meme ANSWERED!!!

This is long over due, I was tagged on the 2 truths-1 lie meme, I posted mine here

I must tender my unreserved apologies for not updating my blog in a long time, what were my reasons?........nothing really, I have worked on some things I wanted to post, but just did not get to posting them, I guess I lost my flow, but I have been enjoying reading all your beautiful posts.

Well, no one got the answers to the meme right..I was planning to give those who had the correct answers surprise gifts that would make even the GNG green with envy...LOL!

So here are my answers:

1) I was bugged in the school magazine when I was in the Universtiy is a truth!

It was my 4th year in the university......a friend brought my attention to the school magazine where i was bugged; it had my first name, a variant of my surname, my department, my year of study and where I live. It was something silly about me with 2 boyfriends, "getting all I wanted from them", and I should be satisfied and stop pretending etc......interestingly, I do not remember all now, but back then in school and for some years after I could recite the whole article for you by heart.

I need to emphasize here that I was a very quiet, bashful and scared student, my routine in school was classes-church fellowship-hostel-friends-classes. I didn't have much of a social life (I enjoyed spending time with my friends though)
So I was the last 'kind' of person you would expect those 'kind' of guys that wrote the magazine would know, talk less of bug, that bug really affected me, it came as a rude shock.
I still remember always feeling like the ground should open up and swallow me whenever I saw a copy of the magazine with students. I remember walking in to the campus and thinking everyone now knew me, everyone was pointing at my direction and that everyone was talking and gossiping about me.

I also heard some people in my school fellowship were saying all sorts about me, …..things like 'dont mind that sister, that is how some of them pretend" talks. I heard of how my topic was always top of agenda in hostel gists....and poor me, I didn't even have an idea of what the bug was about, I didn't even know what they were talking about.
I learnt some of my class mates decided to take it up, went as far as going to the SUG ( student union government) building to challenge those that wrote that article and others did a lot of other things.
Looking back now, I guess it was one of those things that toughened me up, I also knew the devotion of friends, their faith in me and the fact that some people believed in me unreservedly.

NB: I was told one of the editors of the magazine had some issues with a friend of mine and decided to use me to get to him( that friend's name was also mentioned in the bug too), whatever it was , I still wonder why it was me they choose to bug in the school magazine!

2) I have read the whole of my bible at least once before, I mean from Genesis to Revelation....is the LIE!

I guessed everybody would think this as the truth; I am ashamed to say that I have not been able to read my whole bible from genesis all the way to revelation. True, I have read a lot of the bible, taught bible classes, but I have never been able to finish reading the whole bible no matter how hard I tried. I also attempted the millennium craze of Cover2Cover, I never got around to finishing it.

I am humbled that a lot of people believe I've actually read my all through my bible.
I really hope to read my bible from genesis to revelations soon, and this time, not just as a religious act or to prove a point, but a study dedicated to knowing the thoughts of my father and my God.

3)I have fallen out of a very fast moving car on a major highway before is of course a truth!

I was still in primary school, in Lagos, I remember it was a Sunday, we were going back home from church, my father was driving, my mum seated beside him, I was sitting behind ( where we all know as "owner’s corner") , next thing I knew I was out of the car, flat on the floor on the high way! our car speeding ahead, I could see an oncoming vehicle behind me (I think it was a “Molue’ I don't remember very well).

My father stopped the car as soon as he could they raced to get me, but thank God I was not ground, smoothed or filed by the oncoming vehicle, and grateful I sustained only minor injuries iodine and cotton wool could solve.

I would be back soon.


Enkay said...

What?! I didn't get the answer right?! But I was so sure!!

Yup, you are right, am ashamed of you - you still haven't read thru the bible!

That falling out of the car stunt. Thank God you were safe! It's not funny but I'm still laughing about it. lol!!

Good to have you back. Been a while indeed.

You must believe me. I tried but I still want to shout it...Furst!!!

Good Naija Girl said...

I'm glad you were unharmed by falling out of the car!

lol make me jealous? Shey because I woudln't have won? I woudln't have been jealous otherwise now ;)

(Oya, send me a prize...I won't tell anyone that I didn't deserve it ok?)

And thanks for explaining #1...I wasn't sure exactly what it meant. That must have been so hard to deal with, but what must have helped you is knowing yourself and being of good character so that those words could (sort of) just roll off your back!

Uzezi said...

and im sure i said u read your bible through as a truth. argggggggggggggghhhh!

Danny B said...

lol.. would never have guess that one.. have since decided not to answer any memes anyore.. i always fumble collosaly!

Beulah! said...

Geez...u fell out of a moving vehicle??..Thank God for his protection.

But really, im sure that magazine bug also helped build up ur fame didn't it??...lol. All things work together for good really :)

Kémi Penélopê said...

That part about falling out of the car on the highway...hmmm

Meanwhile, I'd like to thank you for the encouraging comments you always leave...

God bless you

Funms-the rebirth said...

wow, thank God u were not seriously hurt when u fell..... as per Uni gossip, it happens to the best of us all... time to read ur complete bible sistah!

Dabizniz said...

the car no get door?

yankeenaijababe said...

Are you serious about the moving vehicle? You have fallen out, my goodness!! I thought I got something right and now am surprised to know I missed it.

Thanks for updating, missed reading NAija gist from you o. Keep it coming.

Olufunke said...

@ Enkay: You didnt get it o, and I am really ashamed o my sister, I am yet to read my whole bible. I would get to to do it soon by God's grace. No problem..........shout it FIRST!

@GNG: I meant that the gifts I was putting together for the winners were so beautiful, more than the ones you put together for your blogging anniversary.:-) ,by now I'm sure you know I didnt have any gifts at all...just bragging cos there was no winner to give gifts to :-)
dont worry....we dey, I will send your gifts......no one would know.

@Uzezi: and I also thought I would have read my bible through. Thanks!

@Danny: why now?....dont stop answering memes...even though you fumble..who knows another NBA award might come up for ' the highest fumbler of memes answers..LOL

@Beulah: LOL...at the 'it helped build up my fame' thanks

@ Kemi Penelope: have I told you I love the 'penelope' part of your name.....
Thank God for his protection everyday!

@ Fums-the-rebirth: Thank God o, I will go to read my bible, many thanks

@DAbniz: THe car kuku get door o, but I guess the door was not properly locked and I remember learning against the door ...and it was those days most cars didnt know what central lock system was..( see me feeling like an oldie) thanks

@ YNC: I fell out o my sister,thank God for protection. I would try to work out on the Naija gist.....how are you doing?

Writefreak said...

Ah Olufunke, i thank God for your life o! You actually fell down on a highway!
I hated all those Uni mags btw! Those editors needed to get a life! lol

Geebee said...

Being dissed by a university magazine must have hurt real bad. . .a friend of mine once suffered thesame fate and had to leave school for almost a month to escape the attention. Living with the stigma takes great courage. It's almost like moving about with 'jackass' tatooed to your face. Lol. . . You should try to accomplish the cover to cover feat. unbelievable as it may sound i have actually read the bible through thrice. . . wao that was a miracle, ur surviving that accident. u must be indeed special. . .

StandTall-The Activist said...

Ah n God save you from that highway flowing out o. Hmmm guess I picked the wrong one or did I pick the right 1 sef?

Kémi Penélopê said...

That's the part I love also "Penelope"...it is one of the things that got me blogging.

*Always remember that no one is alone in their struggle...we are in it together...!!!

Have a spirit-filled week!!!

Olufunke said...

@ Writefreak: Thank God o! those guys needed a life jare. Thanks!

@Geebee: Read your bible thrice? I doff my hat for you o! Thankful to God, I didnt have to leave school that period, but maybe it would have helped me recover faster.

@Stand Tall Activisist: Lol at ' flowing out'......You? whole stand tall? you CANNOT pick the wrong one :-)

@Kemi Penelope: Thank you o, we are not alone.

StandTall-The Activist said...


Anonymous said...

More of the truths... True life experiences

Scarlet said...

Hey there,
You've been given the honest award by moi cuz you blog is really cool.