Thursday, April 5, 2012


I've had this post on my mind for about a year, took me a long time to decide on what best to title it,and how to put it all together.

I know we come from diverse backgrounds, I'm aware that our convictions, experiences and life philosophies differs too, but one thing common to us all is that we want a good life;
we all dream of good things, and at sometimes those good things we want seem to elude us.

Some of us have had to wait  long, search painfully, consult far and wide, some had to struggle, fight, pray, fast, cry, study, seek solutions, endure a lot and pay so much to get those things that we believe would make us happy.
Some of us have had to deal with people's insensitivity; with those who think they know just how we feel, or the ones who judge us or just preach at us to 'have more faith'...etc

In the course of our pursuit of happiness, we're forced to come face to face with our personal convictions about *faith , no matter our religious stance.

I'll like to do a series on *Faith, doubt, fear, facing reality, living by facts, standing on the fence etc.
I've been at these different points in my life, I've observed different people...(and I'm still learning, inquiring and observing ), and I have concluded that we only win on the side of faith.

I'm going to be sharing true life stories of people I know; their walk of faith, my inspirations and the reasons that made me conclude that ''All things are possible"

I welcome your stories too or that of people you know, send me an email here. I really hope we would find in these series people's stories that we can relate to and that these stories would inspire us all.

 ...with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible..Math 19:26

...If you can? said Jesus. "Everything is possible for one who believes" ...Mark 9:23

...It's not H-A-P-P-Y-N-E-S-S Happiness is spelled with an "I" instead of a "Y"
You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period...Christopher Gardner(Puruit of hapiness)

Please come with me on *Yemi's journey of faith towards becoming a mother. (To be continued)


* Yemi - I call her Yemooski, is my friend, we went to Uni together, did out NYSC in the same state, we're family friends till date.

* Faith: Here I mean, being positive, enthusiastic and sure about getting the things we want


Enkay said...

Ah, Faith...Faith....

I agree with you that Faith always wins out in the end but the journey ain't always easy!

Will be waiting to read of Faith's Triumphs.

Rita said...

Waiting to join you in the journey...

jhazmyn said...

We can never over-emphasise the important of faith in life.

Looking forward to the journey as well. May we find more grace and strength through it

Uzezi said...

Can't wait.

Good Naija Girl said...

Dear Funke, this is a great idea for a series: any opportunity to inspire and encourage others should be pursued.

A friend of mine shared a story of faith with me recently so I'll ask her if she would share that story with you.

I know you will bless many with this series and I can't wait to read what you have to share.

chacha said...

Hmmm, Wonderful post.. Will be with you all the way..

aloted said...

looking forward to the series!

life of faith..who did i hear that from in a recent conversation? Yes You! :)

Myne Whitman said...

I too believe that with Faith, all things are possible. Looking forward to the series.

Rita said...

I Like

Tosin said...

The journey is never easy. Never!

But with faith, one ALWAYS triumphs.