Friday, February 17, 2012


It’s my birthday again, its 17th February!!!! Yeeeeeepeeeeee!

I’m so glad I’m here

It’s been an eventful last year…

I’m thankful! Grateful!

Full of thanks for all of the last 365 days,

For all those days of mad fun and excitement,

For all those scary nights; those not too good days,

For all those times filled with love and peace,

For all those journeys and favour,

For all those people that were there for me,

For all those that disappointed and betrayed me; who helped me grow and learn,

For all the protection and divine providence I enjoyed,

For all those days at work,

For all the strength, good health and miracles,

For all my friends and families,

For God’s mercies that I enjoyed more than anyone else,

For all these and many more,

I am so so so so thankful!

I dream of the next best year of my life;

I dream of meeting those people I long and need to meet,

I dream of getting to that place, those ‘places’,

I dream of seeing that blessing,

I dream of being that blessing,

I dream of owning those beautiful things,

I dream of being able to empower…being able to add to, and enrich,

I dream of more health, more wealth, more grace and more beauty,

I dream of being able to dream more, and achieve more,

I dream of becoming that woman…God has called me to be,

For dreams not yet realized…I look to Him…

To Him who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than all I could ever ask for or imagine.

I look to you………

And to you, Its Olufunke checking in again

Thank you Lord!


hohlumeday said...

Happy birthday sis.May you rejoice continually!

Asmahu said...

Happy Birthday...May u have cause to Celebrate always.Amen..Keep Shinning....

JustDoyin said...

happy birthday Olufunke. I hope u had a fabulous time celebrating yesterday. May you be blessed even more greatly this year. Enjoy!

2cute4u said...

Happy Buffday love.. Wishing you the very best

jhazmyn said...

Happy birthday luv, though belated, the warm thoughts are fresh and true....:).

Have an amazing year

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a fabulous day!:)

NoLimit said...

Hope you had a fabulous day!:)

Oops, mistakenly clicked on anonymous!lol

Geebee said...

Happy birthday (belated), Olufunke. May the Lord continually keep you and cause his face to shine upon you. Where's our cake o? I trust you had a swell time though. Cheers, ma'am!

Uzezi said...

Happy belated birthday and Happy New Month. Hope you had fun.

Priscy said...

i know this is really late but I just saw this post, so better late than never. hope you had lots of fun.

Bvlgari Perfume said...

You are still young dear. The opportunities still waiting to be discovered. Live life to the fullest.

Afronuts said...


There are cobwebs on your blog oh funke!