Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Alive

My thankful post today is summed up in just one thing...Life.

I am thankful that I am alive!

In recent times, many young, promising and exceptionally wonderful people to know have died, most of them from diseases.

I compare these deceased with myself…..I do not measure up to most of them in many ways.

I do not live kinda perfectly life

I do not do as much as I should as regards living a healthy lifestyle

I have not achieved so much, not impacted so many, not met expectations of me

I take so many risks and do not take a lot of care in life as I should

I have over and over and over and over fallen short of God’s expectation of me….but

I am alive!

I still woke up this morning...doubtful…weak...

I still have those dreams that I am yet to figure out how they would become realities

I still hurt from the betrayal of people close to me; the seemly apathy of those I expect so much from

I still fear the outcome of the decision I’m about to make.

I still regret so much the stupid mistakes I’ve made in recent times

I still doubt and ask myself if I’m not over stretching and asking for too much…

I still worry and wonder if I would achieve some of my life goals,

I still worry that I’m not hitting the goals post as scheduled and planned…but I know

I still have time, I can still take a chance, I still have opportunities to take advantage of….because I am still alive!

God has chosen to keep me and

Today, I am grateful…

That I am here, standing, healthy, and hopeful;

That my body parts and organs respond to my commands and are functioning well

That my heart still beats in my chest and pumps all the blood my body needs.

That I am alive…..for these and many more…

I am thank-FULL


aloted said...

welcome welcome back..was beginning to get worried..

yes o..i do not take life for granted o..the way people are just dying left right centre. Lord have mercy

good to have u back on blogville

Dee! said...

Welcome back!

Life is precious and so we all must be thankful to be alive and well!

Thank god for this beautiful gift of life!

Tisha said...

i could never waste anytime being depressed
the devil is not worth it

find a word and get meditating
i should be harder on you
but then we are blog sisters right!

Enkay said...

Thanksgiving has a way of making the heart lighter and filling the spirit with joy.

We sometimes take life for granted and it is good to be reminded that our lives are indeed precious.

I am thank-FULL too!!

Myne Whitman said...

Once there's life, there's hope. And really, we should give thanks in all things. It's lovely reading from you, and I hope God grants you the wisdom and peace you need. HUGS..

Jaycee said...

Beautiful post, Funke. And I'm so thankful to God to be alive too...

Beulah! said...

Wonderful post Funke, so good to know u are doing very well.

Hope u r back on

Afronuts said...

where hav u bin? U been missed oh!

Anyway, my advice: Roll your mind more over the positive thots. Discard the negatives ones. You keep ruminating over them and they might come to pass...remember what Job said - 'that which I feared the most has come upon me'! (Job 3:25)

Trust'll be fine!

Stay blessed!

Good Naija Girl said...

A beautiful post...and one that is easy to relate to. As long as we're alive we have hope and you have summed up God's mercy so well.

May the rest of this year and beyond be full of unexpected blessing, favour and accomplishment for you.

tps360 said...

nice. very nice

Anonymous said...

Everyone should have a reason to thank God for givig us life. Life is a precious gift...

Uzezi said...

that is a very good reason to be thankful. it is not our doing.

Muse Origins said...

I'm grateful as well. Very

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Geebee said...

Hmmm, I could just imagine how happy God would feel seeing this level of heartfelt gratitude. Our reasons for being thankful to Him are endless.
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David C Brown said...

And no doubt God has kept you alive for a purpose.

James said...

This is a good one !

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